Wednesday, February 3, 2010


(I wrote this many days ago, but the power went out before I could post it. Finally back at an internet place, so here it is.)

I'm starting to feel a lot more energetic today.

Finally starting to get over the jet lag, I think. I've easily gotten used to Wren's yogi schedule. We go to sleep around 8 or 9, and wake at 4:30 (believe it or not!). She makes us teensy cups of coffee, and we're off to the shala for practice.

My practice is going quite well, I think. I'm still a bit wobbly at some of the asanas, and sometimes I fall over and laugh, but I'm getting better at others, and stronger little by little. Wren thinks I'm naturally talented at it. (She flatters!) Says she thinks it's my vegan diet and open mind/heart. :)

I got my first bought of the shits yesterday! I was expecting intestinal turmoil at some point on this trip, but I was a bit surprised that it has happened so soon after my arrival. But then again, not surprised. Ha! But I feel fine in spite of it. Yes, it's all part of the experience.

It's hard to keep anything clean here. It's just dirty everywhere. I've already gotten quite used to having dirty feet and smelly armpits all the time. Everybody else does too! We have a very "rustic" bathroom at the apartment. Wren calls it a "medieval princess bath" - it involves two big buckets for hot and cold water, and a little plastic pitcher (just like the toilet ones) to pour it on yourself with. It's actually quite nice. We do our laundry in there as well, by hand with a detergent bar, and hang it outside to dry. I'm enjoying that so far too. (And it makes me feel so much more grateful for all the conveniences I have in my normal daily life. So spoiled we are!)

I've been driving the scooter around for the first time today! I was a bit nervous about it, but once I actually started doing it I was having a lot of fun. I'm still just a bit tentative and wobbly (I've never driven a moped before), but I don't mind the crazy traffic. I'm getting quite used to it. There's something a little relaxing in the chaos of it. And it's exhilarating to zip around, with my darling in tow.

Yesterday we went to the lake here in Mysore. Wren and I layed in the sunshine, meditated, watched the water birds. It was so peaceful and beautiful, and there was hardly anyone around. Such a nice break from the heavily populated, dirty, noisy buzz of life everywhere else here.

Today we spent hours laying in the sunshine by the pool. We shared the headphones and listened to songs from my tiny ipod. Our current fave: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I introduced Wren to it, and she loves it like I do. It's so wonderful to have such relaxing downtime here. I feel like I'm really living in the moment for the first time in months. Before this I had been so busy with moving and traveling and making plans and preparing for things. And now, life is easy and great. Oh yeah, and I'm getting tan already from all this sunshine.

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