Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today was a stiff first day back in my early-morning asana class, after a three-day absence. Why, you ask?
Yes, the shits I mentioned in my last entry lasted for days and days. Both me & Wren. One little apartment. No TP. (Getting to know you.....)
I tried to stay strong. I was a trooper. A few days into it, I was dreaming of toilet paper. Literally.
After one particularly rough and sleepless night for Wren, we booked it to the doctor in the morning. In the ER. It took about 5 minutes, and it was free (except for about $4 for medicine for both of us). A few days later, we are almost back to normal. And I still have a shred or 2 of dignity left, somewhere around here....

Yes, it's been a humbling experience.

I had my first philosophy class with the guruji today. I'm very excited to be learning more than just the asanas with him. He is a tiny, funny little man witha twinkle in his eye. Wise and hilarious in his ways. A bit hard to understand at times, but I'm getting better at it. Today we learned about the first 4 of the 6 darshanas. More tomorrow.

Asanas are going well, despite the few days set-back. I think I'll be able to do a headstand without the help of the wall soon, which will feel like a victory for me.

Scootin' around town has been a blast! I've been doing most of the driving for us since I started, and I love it. Even with all of the crazy everywhere. I love the crazy everywhere. (And yes, the crazy is everywhere.) And I have no idea how to get around yet. It still all looks the same to me everywhere, so Wren has to tell me exactly where to go. Ha!

It's a weird vortex of time here. Life moves at an entirely different pace than I'm used to. So slow, it seems, but the days fly by so fast - I can't believe I've been here for almost 2 weeks!

I got the clothes back that I had tailored for me. They mostly worked out well, except an interesting orientation of the fabric on the drawstring pants I had made resulted in some nonsequitor bursts of bright color right in the crotches. Ha! It sometimes surprises me when I look down. Sweet.

The other night Wren and I went to Mysore Palace, where for an hour every Sunday evening they turn on lights that cover every line of the architecture, outside and in. It was stunning. We sat in a grassy patch with a nice view, entertained by each other and many little Indian children running and playing all around us, while a band played music for all.

Getting into the groove of this foreign (in more ways than one) domesticity with Wren has been going quite well so far. Yes, every moment with her is a blessing.

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